New featurette for Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ remake

"Oldboy" Theatrical Poster

"Oldboy" Theatrical Poster

THE MOVIE: An English language remake of the popular 2003 Korean film is being directed by Spike Lee. Josh Brolin stars in the lead role. The original film was by Chan-wook Park but supposedly this version is based more on the manga by Garon Tsuchiya. In theaters November 27th.

Updates: AICN notes that The Cell’s Mark Protosevich is writing. | Dark Horizons notes that the remake will only loosely be based on the manga and movie. | Anime News Network has a claim from Lee that the ending will be darker than the original film.

Deadline reports that Sharlto Copley is officially Old Boy’s villain. | Slash Film talks to Josh Brolin about Park Chan-wook’s blessing and some details about the new ‘hammer’ fight.

The Playlist reports that Samuel L. Jackson will have a small role. | Cinema Blend | Variety reports that Nate Parker has been replaced by James Ransone, who worked with Spike Lee on Red Hook Summer. | First set photos. | New images, featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Brolin. | Teaser poster. | New teaser poster. | First Red Band trailer. | Oldboy’s release date has been pushed back from October 25 to November 27th. | Collider has a pack of new photos. | Rope of Silicon has the newest trailer. | Also check out some viral stuff, courtesy of Collider. | The newest poster. | New behind-the-scenes featurette which contains lots of new footage. | Take a peek at the new poster. Also, be sure to visit Collider for a couple of new clips.

BREAKING NEWS: Watch a new featurette at Collider, featuring Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley and Michael Imperioli.

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8 Responses to New featurette for Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ remake

  1. OpiumKungFuCracker says:

    Would have been a great opportunity for both Mara and Firth to star in this vehicle and now I pretty much have no interest in seeing it now unless they can get some impressive talent better than both Mara and Firth…

  2. Why don’t they just put John Stamos in the lead and get it over with. =D

  3. HKFanatic says:

    It almost feels like Elizabeth Olsen was locked in a room for 15 years until she recently starred appearing in films, so maybe she can relate to the main character :P

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  5. kmh0909 says:

    It’s just a gang movie like any other korean movies. I’m korean.

  6. Ningen says:

    You sure Spike Lee’s not remaking Pistol Opera? :)

  7. opiumkungfucracker says:

    November 27th is a long long wait!!!

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