Year Of The Dragon
Subject: Year Of The Dragon (Best synced with NTSC r3/r4 DVD)
Total Running time/size: 2:13:49sec (15.3Mb File)
Commentators: The gZa and Mighty Peking Man
Date: 03/30/03


The gZa and MPM strike again! Following the positive feedback we received for the Enter the Dragon commentary we plunged head first into following it up... 1 YEAR later... LOL! We finally chose a 'sequel' this time it happened to be 'Year of' the Dragon...

This was mainly chose because of the fact the film's finally been granted a much anticipated DVD release, and more so that I really loved the movie and was keen to battle MPM once again...

So with little more than a cramped month's repeated viewing and various research (read : Googleitis) on my part; and a decades worth of obsession and CoF inspired front pages on MPM's, we decided to blast out another commentary for your enjoyment...

So without further ado grab your copy of Year Of The Dragon (aka buy the DVD for gawd sake!) and sync them up as the MGM lion fades/opening music begins...*

Year Of The Dragon.mp3 - Right Click to download (Recommended)

* Michael Simino/Chimeano/Symoni = Michael Cimino :p