New poster and pack of kickass photos of Tony Jaa in ‘Sha Po Lang 2′

"SPL 2" Promotional Poster

THE MOVIE: A $23 million sequel to SPL or Sha Po Lang, is in pre-production. The martial arts film was released in North America under the title Kill Zone and helped provide a boost to Donnie Yen’s and Sammo Hung’s popularity, before they collaborated again three years later on 2008′s Ip Man.

Despite a Category III rating (essentially the Chinese equivalent of the NC-17), SPL proved successful in Hong Kong theaters.

Updates: Film Business Asia reports that SPL 2 has been granted a greenlight by the Chinese film board. The film is now allowed to enter production. All that’s known is that the movie is a ‘thematic sequel.’

Donnie Yen will no longer be in SPL 2. The movie is now also being helmed by Soi Cheang (Motorway) with Wilson Yip (Ip Man) serving as producer. For now, Sammo Hung, Wu Jing, Andy On and Francis Ng may still be onboard.

Twitch reports that SPL 2 will star Tony Jaa opposite Wu Jing. Dion Lam (Red Cliff) will be involved in the stunt work and Terrence Cheung (taking over for Soi Cheang) will be directing the feature with Wilson Yip’s involvement. Shooting begins in Thailand, China and Hong Kong in early Spring of 2014. Film Combat Syndicate has a video with Jaa having fun with the SPL 2 team.

According to Film Business Asia’s Kevin Ma, SPL 2′s plot involves “a Thai prison guard who needs to free an undercover cop who can save his daughter’s life.” | Simon Yam will be back as the same character from the first film. John Zhang Jin (The Grandmaster) has also been added to the cast. | SPL 2 is expected to start principal photography in the beginning of May in Hong Kong. | Set photo of Tony Jaa in uniform. | 2nd promotional poster, thanks to Keung.

According to THL, the full title of SPL 2 will be SPL 2: A Time For Consequences. Here’s the main cast that was showcased during a recent press conference: Tony Jaa (Tom Yum Goong 2), Louis Koo (Flash Point), Wu Jing (SPL), Simon Yam (Fatal Move), Zhang Jin (The Grandmaster) and Babyjohn Choi (Black and White). Click here to see press release photo. - Thanks to hktopten

BREAKING NEWS: Actor Wu Jing recently tweeted this new poster for the film. | Also, you can enjoy a pack of new photos of Tony Jaa from Sha Po Lang 2, courtesy of Film Combat Syndicate.

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6 Responses to New poster and pack of kickass photos of Tony Jaa in ‘Sha Po Lang 2′

  1. Matthew S. says:

    Man… I hope this is true. And I assume by “thematic sequel” they mean it will have the same theme with the chinese stars, Sha, Po, and Lang.
    Because in the first one “…the film title Sha Po Lang is derived from three malignant stars from Chinese astrology, and they represent the personalities of the three leading roles, Seven Kills, Destructive General and Avaricious Wolf denote obliteration, aggressive competition, and greed respectively, but they aren’t necessarily malignant stars. The alignment of the three stars under certain circumstances may lead to some unexpected, wondrous occurrence.”

  2. DiP says:

    It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not Donnie will make the movie. I will look out for news on this matter if it’s official or just pure “attachment” to a project.

  3. Tien Kwon says:

    I heard the news on Twitch, so they are going to make it. I’m sure the first person they will ask is Donnie.

    Dang, I didn’t hear anything about the Tony Jaa rumor. Where did you guys find this info? Man, it would be extra awesome to see Jaa in SPL2. Back when Ong Bak came out, Donnie made his voice heard about that film, and I sensed a little jealousy. His answer back was SPL, one of his best film in a long time. I even bought it on DVD, after buying two different versions of Ong Bak. lol

  4. big fan says:

    I hope they get the movie made I’m crossing my fingers

  5. zahid ali says:

    without donnie yen there will be no charm in the movie, though tony jaa, wu jing and sammo hung will be in spl 2.

  6. Tien Kwon says:

    Talk about a dream come true. It’s still hard to believe Tony Jaa is really gonna do SPL2 with those HK filmmakers. And that picture, omg please pinch me… It really is Jaa himself in the same room as those guys. I never thought I would see Tony Jaa around guys like Wu Jing and Ken Lo. Call it Asian Unity. With the great Sammo Hung and Simon Yam back too, I can’t wait to see it. Maybe if they do a part 3, Donnie Yen might come back lol.

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