Donnie Yen’s ‘Dragon City’ to start filming in September

"Dragon Tiger Gate" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"Dragon Tiger Gate" Japanese Theatrical Poster

THE MOVIE: Director Derek Kwok (Gallants) is teaming up with Donnie Yen in Dragon City, an upcoming martial arts movie that is set in the 70′s, and follows an ace cop (Yen) fighting crime in Kowloon Walled City. The City has since been demolished but during that era, Kowloon was a massive structure with over 30,000 residents – it was also largely ungoverned and ruled by the Triads.

Do a Google image search for “Kowloon Walled City” and you’ll start to see that the possibilities for a cool action movie set there are nearly endless! It will be interesting to see how the production designers go about recreating the now destroyed city.

Updates: Donnie Yen has confirmed that Dragon City will be his next movie. Be sure to read about Yen’s other in-development projects: Last of the Best, The Master and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II. His other completed films, Monkey King and  Iceman Cometh 3D (aka Iceman), will be released on January 31, 2014 and April 24, 2014, respectively. | Fake teaser poster for Dragon City.

BREAKING NEWS: According to HKtopten, shooting for Dragon City begins in September. In addition to playing the lead, Donnie Yen will also serve as action director and producer. – Thanks to DiP!

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5 Responses to Donnie Yen’s ‘Dragon City’ to start filming in September

  1. dragonfile says:

    Hi,Mighty Peking Man

    This poster is an imitation.
    The name of directors are John Woo with Johnnie To, and cast are Chow Yun-Fat,Andy Lau,Tony Leung,Lau Ching Wan,etc…
    There is no name of Donnie there.

  2. dragonfile says:

    Probably your friend was wrong to see this
    check it out.
    Read a comment and a date.
    You don’t have to post my comments .

  3. Lee Golden says:

    I did a google image search on that poster and found the same one on an mtime group forum page from 2010. It’s nothing recent.

  4. gabriel says:

    I enjoyed ‘Gallants’ and look forward to this.

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